Santa Barbara…

I arrived in Santa Barbara on Tuesday and had to be at my next WWOOF property early Friday morning. That gave me two full days of SB sightseeing. I made the most of it and met a few really great people. Two of which were my couch surfing hosts: Torie and Anthony.

Torie and couch surfing hosts
Such a great couple....

These two were so sweet to me. They had only moved in a few days before to this awesome apt. And still they let me sleep there. Very nice.

I was okay on a very short couch, but Anthony made me a wonderful pallet in his soon-to-be-music-room. I had fallen asleep on the couch while typing and was gently woken by Torie telling me about the pallet. I drowsily went to bed.

The next morning Torie gave me her business card so I could get a hold of her throughout the day. She works for the Historical Trust for preserving historical properties. Anthony had gotten a job he had been trying for the day I arrived and went to work soon after Torie.  I went sight-seeing.

First place I went was Jitters…loved their sign about being voted best “to do nothing or to do something”. There I worked on my computer and met all the baristas while I tasted most of the coffee and tea offerings. I was invited to come back at six and go with them to Trivia Night at a pub around the corner. I was on the bartender/barista team. It was so much fun…we lost but did get all the Entertainment questions, that they usually missed, because they were smart enough to have me on their team!

Pub and coffee houses
Random SB sightings

I love some of the signs in this town. Above are just a few. I went to the court-house, which I was told is the most photographed court-house in the USA. It is amazing. There is a 360 degree view from the bell tower. Then you can go to the court yards and relax. It is so  lush. There are no words. On the second floor there were many people painstakingly working to clean the murals that had been painted in the 1920s, but had been damaged in an electrical fire in January. Very  interesting to see the love and technique that goes in to every inch of the restoration. I was mesmerized. I remember seeing such work in Italy in 1994. I envy them working on these historical pieces.

Santa Barbara Court House

After I left the court yard I went to Alice Keck Park….WOW…

Alice Keck Park
California, USA, Santa Barbara flags

I just think this is a great place! I had so much fun. And it is so pretty. It’s clean. And a place I could never have visited without the wonderful and graciousness of Anthony and Torie…

Next stop: My new WWOOFing position in San Luis Obispo…

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  1. Hey! My sister and I are looking to couch surf in Santa Barbara June 14-20….But we have no idea how to go about it or how to find someone/people legit/safe to stay with–help?? find me on fbook AmyRose Tomlinson


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