About Afewca

I've traveled all over the world for many years volunteering. I have taken photos and written about some of the most gorgeous places & people and want to share my life and experiences with others. I hope to use my company, Afewca, to do just that in as many ways as possible. Including art, writing, travel advice, etc.

How I Learned To Make The Most Healing & Soothing Salve I Have Ever Used…

In 2011 I was volunteering in Little Haiti Miami. I lived in a tree house working in a very urban setting. It was mostly awesome, but the neighborhood did/does have issues and a high crime rate. I was told about it beforehand and still really wanted to go and learn as much about their permaculture practices as possible. I learned so much there. Many of the practices we are using here at Afewca. While I was there my tree house was burglarized by three teenagers who often visited the property. I was disheartened to be helping the neighborhood and these kids, but have them steal from me.

Many wonderful things came out of this ordeal even though it was one of the hardest times of my travels. A big one was that the owners of the property taught me how to make their amazing salve. At the time, it was illegal to use, buy or sell, comfrey, the main ingredient in the salve. It was like learning underground secrets. This is thankfully no longer the case as it is an amazing herb! I will never use anything else again. I love it and have shared it with everyone I know. I have always had people want more.

Making and selling my salves, balms, exfoliators and oils have been a great way to bring in extra money, but it is also such a great way for me to connect with people. I have taught workshops, made balms for specific needs, and connected with people on a deep level while telling them of my passion for comfrey.

I fell very excited and blessed!

Why I Decided To Retire and Travel

me at 46At 46 years old after two years of thinking, dreaming, and researching I made the decision in July 2009, to follow my dream of world travel.  I’ve wanted to travel for as long as I can remember – at least as far back as Junior High School. I used to dream about all the places I would go as soon as I was old enough to get away.

But then…life happened

In the first 25 years of my adult life I raised two kids. A daughter and a son. They are 3 ½ years apart in age. Neither was planned, but both dearly loved.

When the kids were 18 months & 4 we moved from Southern California to Knoxville, Tennessee. On Saint Patrick’s Day 2010 we celebrated being in Tennessee 20 years. Throughout the kids’ lives, the three of us have traveled a lot. We’ve been all over the USA literally by plane, train & automobile. (Amtrak is an amazing way to travel the country). We have camped up and down the east coast, cruised the Caribbean and played in Mexico.

Traveling has always been my passion and I loved sharing it with my kids.

I earned a B.A. in Speech Communication from the University of Tennessee. In 1994 I took several classes at the Universita de Urbino in Urbino, Italy. I decided to go several weeks early to Italy by way of London so I could travel some of Western Europe. This was my first trip overseas.

I married my best friend in 2000 and had planned to spend the rest of my life with him. I loved him deeply and have had a difficult time dealing with the end of our relationship. I was truly broken for a while. Although I will always love him, we went in very different directions with our lives. He will forever share some of my heart, but my spirit has invariably called me to travel.

In the years since my divorce I have become a stronger, happier, and a more peaceful woman. Both of my children are now adults, I have a gorgeous granddaughter.  I’ve learned to create beautiful yoga mat carriers out of re-purposed clothes, to trust my feelings and how to let go.

At 39 I became a grandmother to Marley. She calls me Lovey. Which inspired the name of my personal blog = Barefootlovey.com. She is my heart and my soul. I can not express in words how deeply in love with her I am. The laughter she has brought to me in my life is unparalleled with anything I have known. I want her to be proud of me always. She has been the motivation for me to follow my heart.

A map of the places I’ve traveled – so far…