MY Art Work

For the past decade, I have enjoyed using paint, photos, and sculpture to create pieces of mixed media artwork. I often use found items as substrates to give various textures and visuals to my work. Some of my pieces are a mixture of paper mache and clay with found objects incorporated within the piece. Other times I experiment with transferring a photo from my travels and then making them more 3-dimensional. Mostly I just have fun.

This door came from a 200 year old barn that was being demolished. The hardware on it is from the 1940s. The actual painting is of a place I volunteered in in Rome Italy. I used oil paint and several different types of paint mediums to create a textured feel.

This little guy above was made to be added to the larger treehouse sculpture below. He is representative of what I felt like as a child. He is made out of clay.

Below is the scene in which he is looking over. The treehouse is made from an acoustic guitar using paper mache, wood, clay, dried mushrooms, and joint compound.