Couch Surfing in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach…so fun!

Laurel and me at Newport Landing for Taco Thursdays!!!

I had a blast hanging out with Laurel on my couch surfing expedition to Costa Mesa/Newport Beach. She works at NB Yacht Club, but was out of work following shoulder surgery so we had lots of play time.

Although there were many fun adventures the best thing she did for me was introduce me to Cronic Taco. It has taken the place of In and Out Burger as my new favorite California, and most anywhere else, quick food place!!!!! I made her take me back the next day. She didn’t really object so it was much of a force. It is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place. Authentic Mexican food. My new all time favorite comfort food POTATO TACOS! What can be better than mashed potatoes, lots of cheese and tortillas????????????? I say nothing!

We spent one whole day just hanging out at Barnes and Nobel reading and drinking Starbucks. We went to Fashion Island and saw Letters To Juliet (loved it). Then after I spent the day with my friends from Knoxville on Balboa Island we went back to that area for a night out with her friends.

Enjoying the night life in NB

Here we started at Newport Landing Restaurant and Oyster Bar for Taco Thursdays. Met up with a group of her friends from the Yacht Club. Fun. After we had had a couple of drinks we sent to Class of 47. It is a little local hang out where John Wayne used to um drink. They had the funniest bumper stickers all over. Some not really general blog reading but I did really like the one I included on this collage.

The second game of the NBA playoffs were on. All but me and one other man were Laker fans . After the loss I traded my bra for the Celtics shirt of the other fan. He put my bra as a display on the Texas Longhorn horns.

There was lots to see and read on the wall, but I found it very interesting that it is apparently necessary to have a note NOT to sit on the sink. LOL

I walked around and took lots of pictures of stuff around the club. Here are a few cool ones. Oh and of course Cronic Taco a few miles away!

While I was staying at Laurel’s I was reading a status update by my friend the football player and coach Tee Martin about Waffle House and I told her about it. So she insisted we go to Roscoe’s. Famous for chicken and waffles. Together. We did so the morning after.

CHICKEN AND WAFFLES what a concept!

Next post: My day on Balboa Island with my good friends from Knoxville…

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