So Thankful for Everyone Who Reads My Posts!!!!

I have been so blessed with many many wonderful, interesting, exciting adventures and experiences in the last four and a half years. But, some of the biggest blessings have come from the words of excitement and encouragement I get from those that are truly interested in what I am doing and how I am doing it.

I was extremely lucky to have a writer from the NY Times contact me to include me in an article he wrote. It was fun to do and the response has been so great. I am really  so humbled by the encouraging words and by the donations to help me to keep doing this wonderful adventure. Several of you gave me donations for a cup of coffee/tea. I included a few photos I took doing just that. Others wrote how proud and happy they are for me! I hope you can see the smiles in my face!

I am updating and writing several posts. Hope you all keep reading and enjoying. Please feel free to give comblloogments and ask any questions. HUGS and SMILES to all!!



~~~~~Words I Am Learning to Live By…….From Medea ~~~~~~~


The Tree of Life

Getting Ready…

Relax Stacy you have NOTHING to be doing right now…

Okay so stress level is much higher than I want. I was really hoping to spend my last couple of weeks in Knoxville enjoying friends, the weather, nature and being relaxed. But I’m not completing my TO DO list as fast as I want. Here is the list:

  • Get all my belongings to between 15-20 boxes.  Packed and stored neatly.
  • Yoga mat bags cut, pinned and sewn. Then packed.
  • Write letters of personal information in case of an emergency.
  • Get all the stuff I have of other peoples to them.
  • Pack the few things I’m taking.
  • Get glasses.
  • Have a TB test.
  • Take my re-certification for CPR.
  • Download Skype.
  • Finish my Photobucket and memorabilia books.
  • Have a picnic with Marley.

So, I guess the idea should be stop procrastinating and DO IT!!!! But gotta say loved going on a nature walk and spending time with Marley in this wonderful weather the last few days. Now I will get busy! 19 days and I will be in CALIFORNIA.