Yoga on The Beach: D 1-26-2017 Bahamas
Visit an Active Volcano: D 11-20-2011 @ Masaya Volcano Nicaragua
Trek thru Ireland/Scotland/Wales: Partially D 1-14; Ireland
Outline a Full Family Tree: Started 11-26-2011
Live Mass by The Pope: D 2-14 Rome
Hot Springs in a Natural Spring: D 2-2014 Ladispoli, Italy
Montreal Underground: D 7-2012
Speed Dating: D 2-14-2013 Sarasota, Florida
Game @ The New Yankee Stadium: D 6-20-2012 Bronx, NYC
Learn to Edit a Movie/Video: D 2012
Bike The Freedom Trail in Boston: D 6-2012
Drink Mint Tea In Morocco: D 3-2014 Fes, Rabat, Chefchaouen
Windmills in Denmark: D 12-2013 Copenhagen
Eco-Traveling: D 2010 – 2018
Make Love Outside: D 11-2012 Siesta Key, Florida
Hike in Colorado: D 6-2011 Denver
Ride a Motorcycle: D 11-11-2011 Guatemala City
Take An Outside Shower/Bath: D 1-20-2011 Miami, Florida
Fish Market In Seattle: D 7-2-2011 Washington
Learn to Shoot a Rifle/Handgun: D 6-29-2011 MT (Rifle)/8-31-2020 WY (Handgun)
Learn All About Mushrooms: D 12-25-2010 Vero Beach, Florida
Plant A Tree: D 4-20-2011 North Miami, Florida
Open-Air Massage: D 1-26-2016 Bahamas
Swim with Manatees: D 3-3-2011 North Miami, Florida
Learn to Dye Traditional Balik with Natural Dyes: D 9-12-2019 Knoxville, TN
Learn to Surf: D 7-7-2010 Huntington Beach California
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge: D 10-12-2010 San Francisco, California
Learn to Throw a Real Punch: D 12-23-2010 Vero Beach, Florida
See Salmon Swim Upstream: D 10-22-2010 Redding, California
“Marley” Tattoo in Her Script: D 4-3-2010 Knoxville, Tennessee
Learn to Use a Sewing Machine: Tried & Tried, but No Luck
Build My Own Home: D 2017 Delray Beach, FL
See a Foreigner Sworn-In: D 2-1-2010 Knoxville, Tennessee
Mt. Rushmore: D 8-24-2020 South Dakota
Free-Roaming Bison: D 6-8-2020 Antelope Island, UT
Own another Successful Business: D 2019 – 2020 AFEWCA Inc. Knoxville, TN
Visit Lizzie Borden’s House: D 7-14-2019 Fall Rivers, Ma
Sell a Piece of My Art: D 11-1-2019 to Scot Danforth Knoxville, TN
Convert Van/Bus into a Camper & Travel the USA: Currently traveling in Marlow 2020
Visit Pennsylvania Dutch Country: D May 2021
Play in the Colorado River: D Sept. 2020
Survive Covid-19 Pandemic = Added in 2020: D Spring of 2021 Continue reading My 100 BUCKET LIST


In 2011 I was volunteering in Little Haiti Miami. I lived in a treehouse working in a very urban setting. It was mostly awesome, but the neighborhood did/does have issues and a high crime rate. I was aware of this beforehand, but still really wanted to go to learn as much about their permaculture practices as possible. And I did learn so much there.

While I was there my treehouse was burglarized by three teenagers who often visited the property. I was disheartened to be helping the neighborhood and these kids, but have them steal from me.

Many wonderful things came out of this ordeal even though it was one of the hardest times of my travels. A big one was that the owners of the property taught me how to make their amazing salve. At the time, it was illegal to use, buy or sell, comfrey, the main ingredient in the salve. It was like learning underground secrets. This is thankfully no longer the case as it is an amazing herb! I will never use anything else again. I love it and have shared it with everyone I know. I have always had people want more.

Making and selling my salves, balms, exfoliators, and oils has been a great way to bring in extra money, but it is also such a great way for me to connect with people. I have taught workshops, made balms for specific needs, and connected with people on a deep level while telling them of my passion for comfrey.

I feel very blessed!