What I believe…

I’m beginning new adventures and hopefully living the next stage of my life healthy and happy and peaceful. I want to enjoy what God gave us. To see the world and to experience all the cultures and people I can.

I think we live in a very very small world and many times do not take the time to move beyond ourselves to see what there is on the other side of the fence.

I love differences much more than similarities. But I do despise ignorance. So often you hear about someone wanting world peace, but then saying “if only they would do it our way”. That is ignorance to me. No country, no ideology, no person has it ALL right.

To learn from those around us what works for good and works for bad and then use the knowledge for a positive change is working towards peace. Not forcing ones thoughts  on to another. Truly how much has EVER changed with one forcing another. I can’t think of anything?


1 thought on “What I believe…

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