My Time in Nicaragua

I have been asked many times over my travels where my favorite place is that I have been. It is Nicaragua. They refer to themselves as Nica which took getting used to.

I was there for a month and really enjoyed my time. For the most part it has been an extremely relaxing with a bit of amazing sightseeing thrown in and a LOT of laughs.

The locals are so nice. But I cannot understand a word of “Nica” Spanish. It is considered the hilly billy Spanish of Central America. At one point while house sitting in Managua I had a maid who got it in her head that if she screamed at me I would finally understand what she was trying to tell me. Didn’t work. Another time I asked for oil for my noodles (even doing charades to demonstrate what I was after). She smiled turned around and left the house. I was was perplexed and after a couple of minutes went ahead and ate my noodles sans olive oil. An hour later she represented me with an entire platter of fried chicken. Apparently my oil was her pollo.

My first host was a German woman working there. She picked me up at the bus terminal. Which was so different from the one I landed in in Guatemala. Although not the safest place in Managua (the capitol) it was like the one in El Salvador. With a hostel attached for people with layovers, food venues, inside lobby with security, and lots of staff to help. After we got my luggage we drove for several miles to Claudia’s home.

She has a beautiful house and full of so much great information about the country. I met her maid and got settled and then met Claudia in her backyard for a glass of wine. She gave me the run down on the area, where I was, how to get to public transportation, some suggestions on what to see, and tidbits. We met the next nite and enjoyed some time, but I was really run down by that time so I missed out on going with her to the German School for a dance. I was bummed, but wanted to be able to do the stuff we had planned for the next day.

Volcano – Masya

Rainforest – Chocoyero

chocoyo birds

Howling monkeys

Hash house Harrier

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