Such a fun day. The entire day spent playing by the beach in Huntington Beach. Melina, her gorgeous daughter Sierra, her boyfriend Evan, and I all got up early and headed to Main Street to see the parade. We parked a good mile inland. Which gave us the pleasure of walking the parade route with at least a couple of thousands others. What a great way to people watch. And there was much to see.

There were so many people of all shapes, sizes and age riding bicycles mostly beachcombers my favorite.  All colors and makes. We went to breakfast at Sharkey’s just before the parade started. It was packed so we got our breakfast burritos and coffee to go and ate them out back near the water fountain. DELICIOUS!!! I loved that sitting between to vegetarians I was the one NOT talking about how great it would be to have bacon and sausage in the burritos. Cracked me up.

After a perfect breakfast (simple and so tasty) we headed back out to the front of Sharkey’s and found a front row seat in the audience. All the people around us were delightful. On the walk to the parade we had seen so many wonderful flag and military displays. There was a tree of yellow ribbons with an ornaments made with each locally deployed soldier, there were giant flags everywhere, and there were three small kids holding a sign thanking all the soldiers for their freedom. My favorite audience display was several vets wanting the government to bring them home. An organization called Military Families Speak Out:

The parade itself had all the wars of the last century represented. I enjoyed seeing the WWII vets the most. I was also moved to see the Vietnam vets in their hospital beds pushed the full parade route. There were all branches and MPs. Lots of bands and floats. One of the best parades I’ve been to.

After the parade we met up with the kids for a bit and then headed back to the car to go back to Melina’s to get the phones that had been accidentally left behind. Strange that no one can seemingly get along without a cell phone at their disposal. I for one have never liked being able to be reached 24/7. I often turn my phone off or leave it behind. It always amazes me when I do so and someone thinks it is their prerogative to be mad because they couldn’t reach me right away.  The only few people I have ever been concerned that they might need me and wouldn’t be able to get me are Brittany, Luke, Marley or the Spears.

Anyway, we got the phones, ate a bit, let the dog out for a bit and headed back downtown. We found a parking spot closer. Which wasn’t really that easy, but gave us a chance to drive around looking in on all the yard and garage parties happening all over town. Everyone looked to be having a blast. Small children straight thru to very old people.

Once parked we made our way over and began a pub crawl that lasted until time to meet the kids again for fireworks.

Next post….my surfing adventure

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