Random Day in LA from Beverly Hills to Skid Row…

Random day in Los Angeles…

I had to go to an organic farm in the middle of downtown Los Angeles and  talk with them about permaculture and asked Jennifer if she would take me. It is on a property that was donated for the strict use of permaculture. The land can never be used for anything else.

I am very interested in the workings of permaculture. The main ethics of Permaculture are the complete circle of EARTH, PEOPLE and FAIR SHARE. Full sustainability in living within the land and not abusing it. Everything to be used for multi-purposes. The planting of all vegetation is done in a canopy design so that each plant can benifit from the other. For more information this is a good site: http://permacultureprinciples.com.

I had so wanted to work on this farm and went to meet the land keeper. He offered me to WWOOF at the farm, but could not fit me in until August. By then I will be in Northern California working, but it was very cool seeing the inner workings of the place and hope to find another farm that works completely within this philosophy.

Once my time at the farm was over we went for a drive. We drove through Beverly Hills, around Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Blvd. and then onto Hollywood & into the garment district. I was hit on while stopped at a red light by a really attractive woman.  And took pictures of people taking pictures while on a Hollywood Tour Bus. We took a bunch of photos of places  I had visited as kid. Just a fun day!

Next …couch surfing in Huntington Beach…

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I've traveled all over the world for many years volunteering. I have taken photos and written about some of the most gorgeous places & people and want to share my life and experiences with others. I hope to use my company, Afewca, to do just that in as many ways as possible. Including art, writing, travel advice, etc.

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