Weekend with Janet and Chad and their Entourage…

Janet and I went to Junior and Senior High School together. We were close friends until our mid-twenties when life and family had us going  in separate directions. We were pregnant with our first-born together and have shared a lot in the way of friends and family. We have only seen each other twice since I moved to TN.

She picked me up at the hotel thinking that I had slept the night in a bath tub. Not sure how we got that wire crossed. Well, actually, I do. I have had nothing but trouble with my cell phone since I came to California. I was told that my plan covered all of USA, but that is not the case. So I have had a problem with hit and miss calls and some people don’t really know if the phone is on or not. So when I sent a message out the message about being stuck in Bellflower she didn’t know how to get in touch with me. I was able, by sitting near a 7 eleven, to get a bit of a connection and I had sent her a message that I could get texts. So, while I was taking a nice leisurely bath at the Quality Inn the morning after I was stranded she sent me a text.

I called her back and said…”okay I’m apparently sitting  just right, with my head tilted just right, in the bathtub so my phone is working”. With the terrible connection she mostly got that I was in a bathtub. So she said, “tell me where you are I am coming to get you”… 20 minutes later we were hugging and laughing so hard we couldn’t talk. Just as if no time had passed.

On the way to her house I told her I had to get some make-up on and do something with my hair before I saw anyone. Fat chance. We drove up to her place in Mission Viejo and Chad was driving away to do something and that is how he met me. On the side of the street car to car. When we got in the house her mom was there. Haven’t seen her in about 22 years so have to stop and catch up. FINALLY to the bathroom to clean up. I turn on the light and try to plug my curling iron in (remember I had taken a bath so hair was clean just not prettified) but it wont fit cause there is something plugged in above it. Yep a beautiful candle smelling wonderfully. The reason it smelled so good is that the heat from having it plugged in made the candle melt in its ceramic container. Fluid. I need to unplug it to fit my curling iron plug. Now, for those that know me, you can guess what happened…great smelling wax EVERYWHERE! So, within the first ten minutes I made a complete mess of the house. My luggage everywhere and then pretty purple wax throughout the bathroom. I cleaned the bathroom and made myself as gorgeous as only I can be. Then fun began.

Once back into the land of the living Janet offered me a glass of champagne to celebrate! I was kind enough to accept. Wouldn’t want to be rude.

That night we went to a rugby game. I really enjoy rugby and have been to several games in Asheville, NC.  It was a blast. But I didn’t realize it was high school. So… we cheered as if it was the last play of the Invictus game in South Africa with Nelson Mandela….okay okay maybe it had to do with the drinks…

Mid morning on Mother’s Day friends and family started to arrive at Janet and Chad’s house. I,  being the perfect house guest, was on my computer and hanging with the boys till we headed to the lake.

Me and the boys enjoying electronics

After we all were accounted for we headed to the lake. Such a sweet place. White sands, boats and grills everywhere. But, damn it was soooooooooooo cold. It was so cold that everyone, me and kids included, were up for being the cooks just to hang out by the coals. So, after about an hour some smart person, probably one of the boys, suggested going to the Kinkle’s for a garage party. That was the consensus for all. We were all traveling to the parking lot..

and remembered Kay, Janet’s mom and Kay’s friend (well not really remembered but saw them coming from the parking lot to the lake). We had called Ryan and his family to tell them. Thankfully they had come up the same time we were leaving.  We all went to the Kinkle’s for fun and relaxation on Mother’s Day.

The next day I went to my first farm BUT NOT BEFORE…I learned about how to really feed a dog to be healthy without smelly um crap…. it is called BARF…..Bones and Raw Food.

I am amazed by this … fresh poop that turns white and disintegrates. .. and has no smell. Their dog it a Mastiff and there is no smell and nothing to pick up. WOW

BARF food diet and its benefits

Fool that I am I think this is amazing. I write/email all my friends in Knoxville. Come to find out half of them already know about all this.   Impressive!

Now on to my first WWOOF job…

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