Bellflower, California…The place I grew up…

I still have a hard time with my past. So part of this journey I’m on is to visit where I grew up and see where my emotions are when I do. So far all has been good. I went to Bellflower and to the house I grew up in to see if I could deal with it all in a healthy manner.

First I got on the bus from El Monte. My new friend, Brian, had driven me there before he had to go to work. It worked out that the bus was leaving in 5 minutes, but he couldn’t take me right up to it. I started off with the first piece of luggage and my backpack and my purse slung over my shoulder. This guy asked Brian where I was going and I guess volunteered to bring the last piece of luggage to me. Brian and I blew kisses to say goodbye and he went to work while I waited for the bus to make its way over.

I had asked the bus driver if I could come on her bus with my luggage while she was taking a break and she had said okay. So when she came around to the depot she was kind and moved the bench seat up so I could load my stuff and be comfortable. So kind. It was an express bus so there was only two stops before mine in Cerritos.

Once in Cerritos, by the mall, I got off the bus and decided I could put one very heavy piece of luggage on the other pull piece. Worked fine for about 30 steps. I came to the part of the sidewalk that crosses the street and abruptly fell on my face from the momentum. LOL. Two very kind men were walking across the street from the other side and offered to help me to the Chick-Filet that I was headed to.

Here is a small montage of where I visited. I want to go back to get see and get pictures of St. John Bosco and Thompson park where I spent much of my life while I was a kid.

I spent time walking around. The school is barred now but wasn’t when I went there. The grounds were very clean and the stadium is huge and beautiful.

I walked up several of the streets that surround my childhood home and stopped into visit with the McNally’s and the Salter’s. Both of these families were more part of my brother, Sean’s, life than mine but it was very nice and interesting to catch up with people who remember so much about me and the area.

Unfortunately I got so caught up in chatting that I missed the bus I was going to take to Long Beach. It’s sucked not having a phone with good reception even though I was assured it would work fine in California. So I tried texting a few people I know who live in the area. Being Friday night everyone was out enjoying their life and I just fuddled around town trying to figure out a plan. I needed a motel close by, but had not been in Bellflower in years and even when I did I sure didn’t stay in hotels. So I was a bit lost.

I made my way up Bellflower Blvd. More memories and lots of changes.

I went in to Hard Times Pool Hall. No internet service there (or anywhere I tried in Bellflower) and my phone didn’t work but there was a pool tournament going on so I settled in to think things through.

Lucky for me there were so many out of towners at the tournament that the Pool Hall had arranged for all participants to stay at a Quality in for a great rate and they let me in on that.

I got a ride from one of the players and ended up taking a very long, very hot bath and setting up my internet and turning on a bit of t.v. All was good again.

After a good nights sleep I woke up and went right down to their complimentary full breakfast. Met a very nice couple who were interested in my netbook. I took another long bath and found out if I sat in it just right with my head slightly tilted and my right foot pointing at the sky I could call out.

My best friend from high school had left me a text saying to get in touch with her as soon as I got her message so that is who I called!

She was so confused she had thought I slept in a bathtub all night. She does know me well. Within 45 minutes she was at the hotel and shoving my stuff in her car. Kisses and laughter out-of-the-way we set off  for a weekend adventure of catching up and making new memories…

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I've traveled all over the world for many years volunteering. I have taken photos and written about some of the most gorgeous places & people and want to share my life and experiences with others. I hope to use my company, Afewca, to do just that in as many ways as possible. Including art, writing, travel advice, etc.

2 thoughts on “Bellflower, California…The place I grew up…”

  1. Hi Stacy, I’m really enjoying your blog and I’m so glad you’re having a good time. Your voice is what I hear when I’m reading and it makes me miss my silly sweet friend. I love you and wish you all the very best life has to offer!


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