Tennessee Leaving California Arriving…The Getting Ready

Still dealing with a bit of, not so much jet lag as, exhaustion. I guess from all the farewells, packing, selling, storing, and arranging. 

But it is a really good tired. I’ve spent the first few days just getting acclimated I will post a blog about my first few days here tomorrow.

Just now getting to my blogging. It is amazing how much stuff there is to set up when you move to a new place for this long especially if you plan to then leave it and aren’t really setting up a homestead.

So here are a few pictures of me getting ready to head out:

The night before I left I went to see Walking With dinosaurs thanks to friends at AC Entertainment with all the Spears and Marley. Followed by staying the night at the Spears with Luke.

The day I left involved going to Marley’s little league baseball game with the Spears and Luke:

AND THEN the scary and brave driving skills of Debbie

Spears to the Nashville airport during a hellaceous storm. Complete with tornado warnings and massive flooding.

We got to the airport with an hour to spare. Btw a minute to give a shout out to Southwest Airlines and several fronts. First YEAH for no extra money to have luggage. Nor was there any charge for peanuts, crackers, or non-alcholic drinks! I also was so happy and thankful that as I was dropped off at curbside in the rain with lots of tears. I only had to pull my luggage two feet to the outside check in. No extra money there either, although I did tip $3 and gave LOTS of thanks.

Once at my terminal, it took less than 10 minutes to go through security and then about 10 to get to my terminal. Then there was a delay.

It was due to a tremendous amount of lightning, but again Southwest was great in letting us know what was going on every few minutes.

Only one set of people decided to be rednecks and cuss the airline staff for “keeping them locked up in the airport”. I personally was very pleased I was allowed not be a rod for the lightning myself!

Anyway, we ended up only being delayed for an hour. I hear they canceled all the Southwest flights the next day with all the horrible flooding. Here is a picture of me patiently waiting for my flight to board. So excited about my adventure finally beginning after all the months preparing.

Okay so now I’m going to go with my hostel friends and enjoy Cinco de Mayo in Los Angeles. I will be blogging and posting pictures tomorrow about my first four days here. I am having a blast all. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so good and being so supportive!

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